How To Layer Rugs To Cover A Bedroom

How To Layer Rugs To Cover A Bedroom

Layer rugs is a savvy approach to cover add dimension, texture, and warmth to your bedroom. Start with A larger, neutral-toned base that covers A substantial part Of the floor, extending under The bed and other significant furniture pieces. This layer anchors the room. Then, introduce smaller rugs with varied patterns Or colors On top To highlight specific areas. You might place a plush, cozy it at the foot of the bed or a vibrant, patterned one on either side of the bed. Remember, the key to successful layering lies In creating a cohesive color palette and contrasting textures.

What Is Rug Layering?

Rug layering involves placing One mat on top of another To create a visually appealing and comfortable setting. This technique allows You to combine different textures, patterns, And colors, adding visual interest to your bedroom. The bottom rug serves as A base, providing a neutral Or cohesive backdrop, while The top is usually smaller And more decorative, creating A focal point or defining specific areas within the room.

How Do I Choose Rugs For Layering?

When selecting a mat for layering In your bedroom, consider the size, texture, and color of each rug. The base should be large enough to cover a significant portion of the bedroom floor, anchoring the space. Opt for a neutral Or solid color mat that compliments your existing decor and furniture. For the top it, You can get creative with patterns, bold colors, or even a fluffy sheepskin for added coziness. Ensure the top rug is proportionate to the furniture it will cover or the area you want to highlight.

The Basics Of Layering Rugs

1. Choosing The Right Rugs 

Choosing The Right RugsĀ 

Choosing the right rugs for layering Is crucial for achieving the look and feel you desire. You should consider the function and style of each mat before making your choice. The base rug, which Is the larger mat placed underneath, should be sturdy and durable. This is often neutral In color and subtle In pattern to allow the top to stand out. The top mat, On the other hand, can be smaller and more colorful or patterned, expressing your individual taste.

2. Sizes And Shapes 

Size and shape play An important role In it layering. Typically, the base mat should cover most of the floor area, extending beyond the furniture In the room. This makes the room feel larger And more put-together. The top mat should be smaller, focusing attention to the center of the room Or under the bed in a bedroom. Mixing shapes can also add interest; for instance, A round mat on top of a larger rectangular rug can create an exciting contrast.

3. Colors And Patterns

Colors And Patterns

When layering rugs, harmonizing colors and patterns Is key to creating a visually pleasing room. You don’t need to match exactly, but they should complement each other. You might choose A neutral base with a brightly colored Or patterned top mat, Or you could choose patterns that have common colors. Remember that the top is where You can be bold and expressive, while the base rug often sets the tone for the room.

4. Materials


Lastly, consider the materials Of your rugs. Different materials offer different textures and feel underfoot. You could choose a soft wool Or shaggy mat for The top layer for a plush feel, with A more durable jute or sisal it for The bottom layer. Mixing materials can also add To the tactile appeal Of the room. Make sure to consider The care instructions for each material, as some require more maintenance than others.

Step-By-Step Guide To Layering Rugs

1. Placing The Base Rug

Placing The Base Rug

The first step in layering rugs is placing the base. This is usually the larger and more neutral of the mat you have chosen. Start by cleaning the floor area where you intend to place the mat  to ensure it sits well without any bumps or debris underneath. For bedrooms, it’s common to place the base mat partially under the bed, extending out on all sides. Ensure it extends at least 2 feet beyond the bed frame. This not only visually anchors the bed within the room, but also ensures your feet land on a soft rug when you get out of bed.

2. Positioning The Top Rug

Positioning The Top Rug

Once the base mat is laid out, It’s time to position the top mat. This rug Is typically smaller, more colorful, or has a distinct pattern. In a bedroom, the top it Is often placed at the foot of the bed or centered under It, depending on the size of the mat and the aesthetic you’re going for. Ensure that the top it Is centered on the base rug to maintain balance In the room. Remember, the top is where You can be bold and make a statement, so don’t be afraid To choose something that expresses your personal style.

Layering Rugs In Different Bedroom Styles

1. Minimalist Bedrooms

 Minimalist Bedrooms To Layer Rugs To Cover A Bedroom

 In minimalist bedrooms, less is more. Choose a large, understated base put rug in a bedroom solid color or a subtle pattern. This could be In a neutral shade like white, grey, or beige. The top rug should add a touch of contrast while still adhering to the minimalist aesthetic. Think along the lines of geometric patterns Or black and white contrasts. The top mat can be smaller and less intrusive, reinforcing the clean lines and simplicity of the minimalist style.

2. Bohemian Bedrooms

Bohemian Bedrooms To Layer Rugs To Cover A Bedroom

Bohemian bedrooms are all about expressing individuality and embracing color and pattern. Choose a large, vibrant base rug with A bold pattern or multiple colors. The top rug can be equally as expressive. Feel free to mix patterns, but try to keep A common color theme between The mats to keep the look cohesive. Different shapes, like a circular top mat On a rectangular base, can also add to the boho charm.

3. Traditional Bedrooms

Traditional Bedrooms To Layer Rugs To Cover A Bedroom

In a traditional bedroom, layering rugs should enhance the classic feel. The base can be A large Oriental Or Persian it, known for their intricate patterns and rich colors. The top rug can be a smaller, plush mat In a solid color that complements The base rug. This combination creates A cozy, rich atmosphere.

Frequently Made Mistakes While Layering Rugs 

A common mistake is using rugs that are too similar in size. The base rug should be significantly larger than The top to create a layered effect. Another mistake is not considering the room’s color scheme when choosing mats. You should harmonize with the rest Of the room, even when they’re making A statement.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Layered Rugs?

 Vacuuming is typically the best way to keep your layered rugs clean. Remove the top rug first, vacuum the base it, then vacuum the top it separately. For spills, it’s important to treat the affected it immediately according to its care instructions.

What Sizes Of Rugs Should I Use For Layering? 

The specific sizes depend On the size of your room and furniture. Generally, the base rug should be large enough to extend beyond The furniture In the room. The top rug can be significantly smaller, often around half the size Of the base. This creates A pleasing contrast and showcases the layering effect.

Caring For Your Layered Rugs

To keep your layered rugs in pristine condition, it’s essential to establish a regular cleaning routine. Vacuum both it weekly to remove dust, dirt, and debris. For smaller rugs or those with intricate patterns, a handheld vacuum or An attachment can be more effective. Rotate the top rug occasionally to prevent uneven wear, especially in high-traffic areas. If there are any spills or stains, address them immediately by blotting the area with a clean cloth and using a mild carpet cleaner if necessary. Professional rug cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months, depending On the level of foot traffic in your bedroom.

The Final Thoughts

Maintaining your bedroom rugs Involves regular cleaning, Conscientious maintenance, And knowing when to replace them. By keeping these factors in mind, You can ensure that your rugs remain An attractive And Comfortable feature Of your bedroom for years to come.

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